Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bang Fai Phaya Nak (Naga Fireball)

This extraordinary miracle always occurs at the beginning of the eleventh Lunar month and the full moon night (as the last Buddhist Lent).

It can be seen along the Mekong River in the districts of Mueang, Phon Phisai, Pak Khat, Bung Kan, Tha Bo, Si Chiang Mai and Sangkhom,. A term by faith Bang FAI Phaya Nak red and pinkish fire balls belong to Phaya Nak, the underwater world Phaya Nak.

Naga Fireball Festival in Nong Khai Both visitors and residents still have to keep the ends is never a secret. Just what the root of all four elements and upper surface of the Mekong River to see the night sky flying high? People there are absolutely no doubt about the the origin of the fireballsl.

The dark currents of large rivers on the Naga snake alive, the serpent reportedly dwelling in the murky currents of this mighty river, propels fireballs skyward, probably to remind villagers to treat this life-giving river with respect. Of course there are critics, researchers have spent years creating, from study to try to explain the phenomenon, Fireball, all without success.

Some say it's an elaborate joke, but the only way to travel to Nong Khai and check the river and the villagers organize carnivals that commemoration of the famous legendary serpent. Festival strart from 10 to 16 October, on the Mekong River in Phon Pisai district in Nong Khai. There are celebrations on the corresponding. The other side of the river, Lao Country, had no shortage of theories about the Thailand.

But there is no denying the fact that there is something almost mystical that causes the fireballs to erupt from the surface of the river, and villagers are taking no chances, hence the religious activities at various temples in the district to appease the Naga.
If all goes to plan the highlight of the trip will be the amazing sight of the Naga fireballs erupting into the sky, a phenomenon that is very likely to prompt some light hearted banter and arguments at riverside food stalls over glasses of ale or the local rice whisky on their origin.

How to get there:

By Car : From Bangkok, Use Highway No. 1 to Saraburi which connects with Highway No. 2 to Nakhon Ratchasima, Khon Kaen, Udon Thani and Nong Khai. A total distance from Bangkok to Nong Khai is 615 kilometres.

By Bus : The Transport Company Limited has a regular bus service both ordinary and air-conditioned to Nong Khai every day. For further information, contact the Mo Chit 2 (Chatuchak) Bus Terminal, Tel. 0 2936 2852-66, or visit the website http://www.transport.co.th/ .

By Rail : Trains depart from Bangkok's Hua Lamphong and Bang Sue Railway Stations to Nong Khai every day. Call 1690, 0 2223 7010-20 or visit http://www.railway.co.th/ for more information.

By Air : Visitors can fly from Bangkok to Udon Thani and continue the journey by car to Nong Khai, some 50 kilometres from Udon Thani. Call 1566, 0 2280 0060, 0 2628 2000 or visit http://www.thaiairways.com/ or http://www.airasia.com/.

Nong Khai Tourist Map

Nong Khai City Map

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